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Nikon and Canon camera sitting together on a table.
Nikon and Canon camera sitting together on a table.
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Welcome to Camera Gear World, a website that has something for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or a more seasoned photographer, we at Camera Gear World strive to offer valued equipment reviews on the latest gear, blogs full of photography information and tutorials that answer questions you may have.


From a young teen I was interested in photography. I started out using film and learned to develop black and white images. At the time, studying photography as a career seemed out of my reach.

Life took over and I was married with a young family, my camera laid dormant in the closet. There was no time to explore my craft in more depth, but the desire to learn more was still present.

Fast forward to the digital age. My children were now teens and pursuing their interests. The early digital cameras were emerging on the market, and they definitely caught my eye. 

I first invested in the the Canon Rebel, I was so excited. I got home and opened up the box. Soon I discovered everything about the camera seemed so foreign. I had thought I would be out chasing down works of art, but instead sat at home trying to figure out the bells and whistles. I studied the manual and managed to learn the basic operations, however I found that I was shooting constantly on the P mode and not venturing out into the world of M mode.

A portrait of Mary.
Mary’s studio portrait.

In 2012 Lambton College started a new 2 year program in Digital Photography. With a new Canon 6D in hand I jumped in with both feet. For the next two years I learned an amazingly diverse range of photography and photo editing. 

A year after I graduated, my husband Mike took his Canon 5D Mark iii and enrolled in the same program. Interestingly, my daughter is now following our footsteps and just began the program. She will graduate 2020. We are a family of photographers.

With Mike closing in on graduation we together decided to build a 740 sqft studio, equipped with the finest gear. Today we operate out of our studio, as well as rent out studio space to other photographers.

Mike is photographing a Purple Challenger Sports Car.
Mike working in the studio.

It is our goal to see our daughter join us in our studio. And who knows, our grandson, who just started highschool, dabbles in both photography and video. He might just be the third generation to join The Artistic Pixel Studio.


It is our goal to have this website be of value to all photographers, from beginners to advanced levels.

When it came to shopping for our cameras their was such a variety of options. You go to a store with a salesman/saleswoman, who is looking for a commision, they are busy putting many models down on the counter and quickly talking about what A can do that B can’t and so forth. It is information overload.

It was both Mike’s and my experience that unboxing a new camera is exciting. But with the current advancement in technology, the new digital cameras are much more complex than their earlier predecessors.

We found that we don’t use many of the amazing options we paid for, and I am sure we are not the only ones to experience this. With such busy lives many people never find that little extra time to fiddle with their manuals to learn the new and amazing options.


So, what is our site all about? All In One Photography.

A place where anyone can come, regardless of level of ability, and review the latest gear. Everything from the newest cameras and current technology to lenes, filters, tripods, flashes, and more. A place where you can shop for your needs without pressure from that salesman/saleswoman.

Not only do we want to review the latest gear on the market, we want to do short tutorials on all the features, how and why you might want to use them. Maybe throw in short fun projects to practise your new learned skill.

We will be blogging on anything photography, and hope that you will take part by commenting, maybe suggesting a blog subject that you would be interested in reading. The goal is to use our network of photographers to provide Guest Blogs, providing a different perspective in photography.

With an up and coming videographer, we hope to include some video tutorials, as a different way of learning. Video would provide a more hands on approach that would be easy to follow along to.

Though we shoot Canon, Mike and I are very connected in our community to professional photographers who shoot Nikon. So this site will review both Canon and Nikon, but as well we are studying the new and upcoming manufactures in the market and will include them as we learn their system of operations.

NEW SITE – Authored By Professional Photographers

This is a new website as of September 2018. We have many plans and dreams and want to build this into a fun and friendly place to visit, share and learn. Early on it may look a little bare, but please bookmark and visit often as we will be adding quality content regularly.

If there is a subject you want covered,  either through a review, tutorial or blog, please share with us. There is nothing we would like more then to build this into a fun community that everyone can benefit from.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Mike & Mary

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